Boards, Commissions & Committees

Village of Wauconda Meetings, Minutes, & Agendas

The Village Board agendas and related packet materials are current as of the date of posting on the Village website. In accordance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), items may be added to the final version of the posted Agenda and the final information packet up to 48 hours in advance of the date and time of the Village Board or Committee of the Whole meetings. The posted agenda is maintained at the Village Hall.

Guide to Meetings

View our Resident’s Guide to Village Meetings (PDF).
  1. Bangs Lake Advisory Committee

    View the meeting information for the Bangs Lake Advisory Committee.

  2. Development Committee

    Learn when the Development Committee meets and search through there agendas and minutes.

  3. Fire & Police Commission

    Find out when the Fire and Police Commission meeting a look through their meeting agendas and minutes.

  4. License & Administration Committee

    Look up the License and Administration Committee meeting information and the agendas and minutes.

  5. Marketing Committee

    Learn with the Marketing Committee meets and view there meeting agendas and minutes.

  6. Natural Resources Committee

    Find the Natural Resources Committee meeting information and look at the current and past agendas and minutes.

  7. Police Pension Board

    See when the Police Pension Board meets and look through their agendas and minutes.

  8. Village Service Committee

    Learn when the Village Service Committee meet and browse through their meeting agendas and minutes.

  9. Zoning Board of Appeal/Plan Commission

    Discover when our Zoning Board of Appeal/Plan Commission meet and search through a list of our meeting agendas and minutes.