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Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District

The Village of Wauconda is moving forward on implementing a Tax Increment Financing District, or TIF, to help attract development and redevelopment within an area of the Village where economic incentives may be necessary to assist with infrastructure, and other public improvement projects. The areas involved are located within “the triangle” created by Routes 59, 176, and 12 and an area west of Route 12.


Please see the links below to view Wauconda’s TIF activities. More information is also available on the State of Illinois’ website.
Areas Included in the TIF
The Village Board has identified the area in yellow as an area that is in need of economic development assistance to help attract development and redevelopment to the benefit of all taxing districts and the community as a whole.

Additional Information

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If you have any questions please contact Chris Miller, Director of Building, Planning and Zoning, directly at 847-526-9605.