Duke's Smoke Testing Notification

August 29, 2023
Notice to Residents & Map

Dear Village Resident:
In its ongoing efforts to improve its infrastructure, the Village of Wauconda will be conducting a program to identify locations where storm water is entering the sanitary sewer system located in your area. The study, being performed by the engineering firm HMG Engineers, Inc., in conjunction with Duke's Root Control, Inc., includes smoke testing of the sanitary sewers in the areas noted on the attached map.

Smoke testing is a simple means of locating openings in a sewer system that allows surface rainwater runoff, or other flows, to enter the sewers. Air combined with non-toxic smoke is forced into the sewer lines to disclose the location of connections and leaks. Smoke will appear where there are defects or openings in the main sewer line or laterals (connection between the main line and a building) or where there are other connections to the sewer system such as roof drains, patio drains, and footing drains.

The smoke is non-toxic, creates no fire hazard, leaves no residue, dissipates in about an hour, and is harmless. Smoke should not enter buildings unless there are dried-up drain traps or an improper sewer connection. To help prevent smoke from entering your home, please pour water into sinks and floor drains.

Residents should always call 911 in an emergency, however, if you believe smoke is entering your home from smoke testing, please contact a member of the Duke's field crew if they are still on your street. If the field crew is no longer in your area, you may contact their hotline number provided on the door tag.

The smoke testing will begin the week of September 11 and is anticipated to be completed within 7 working days (weather permitting). Additional notification will be provided by door hanger cards before the smoke testing starts in your area and signs will be posted at highly visible intersections when the crews are testing.

If you have any questions, please call Chris Bouchard at HMG Engineers, Inc. at (847) 362-5959 or Luke Markko with the Village of Wauconda Public Works at (847) 526-9610. For frequently asked smoke testing questions, feel free to visit Dukes’ weblink at the following address https://www.dukes.com/solutions/sewer-evaluation-services/smoke-dye-testing/.