Wauconda Memorial Day Parade

Join the Wauconda American Legion Post 911 for their 73rd Annual Memorial Day Parade! Please review the following road closure announcements and safety tips to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time during the parade. 

Arrive Early
Arriving early allows you to find a safe and comfortable spot for your family to enjoy the parade before the crowd gets too busy.
Select a Meeting Spot
Make sure young children know they can go to the police if they become lost. For older children, agree on a meeting spot in case your group becomes separated.
Stay Behind Barricades
Barricades keep parade visitors and participants safe. Pay attention to your kids, and make sure they stay on the correct side to avoid crossing paths with the procession. Spectators should never run between floats/vehicles. 
Candy should be distributed along the edge of the road; please do not allow your children to run out into the street for any reason.
See Something, Say Something
Like any public event, pay attention to your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to police or CERT.
Buddy System
If you’re attending the parade with a large group that includes younger children, use the buddy system to keep everyone in check.
Inclement Weather
If inclement weather is forecasted, please follow the Wauconda Facebook page for instructions on where to go.

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