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 Lake Shore Boulevard / Grand Boulevard Project Study

The Village of Wauconda has identified Lake Shore and Grand Blvds as two roads in need of resurfacing in the next three to five years. A road resurfacing program typically has a lifespan of 20 to 25 years; therefore, it is important to consider whether any other improvements should be added into the project to ensure the road meets the needs of the community, to the extent possible given limited funding and available space in the right of way.

The project boundary is Lake Shore Blvd and Grand Blvd from Rt 176 to Bonner Road.

At this time, the only scheduled improvement is resurfacing; however, other potential improvements could include traffic calming, improved sightlines, additional safety-related signage, and pedestrian or bike infrastructure. Lake Shore Blvd, in particular, was identified as a future bike route in the Village's 2013 bike plan, as it provides a link to forest preserve paths and a route around Bangs Lake for pedestrians and cyclists.

Before committing to any design and engineering plans, the Village is seeking input from residents and other users. Using the community's input along with recommendations from an engineering and planning standpoint, the Village will establish potential roadway options for community comment and Village Board consideration. These roadway options will establish safer lanes of travel for all users and provide a positive impact to the community.

As the Village enters the preliminary planning process for this project, budgeting is a key factor into project development. There are generally a few sources for funding such projects; local funds, motor fuel tax (MFT), state funds, federal funds, and grant opportunities. Considerations are made regarding potential grant opportunities and how to pursue these funds. In many cases public involvement and letters of project support can set apart one grant application from another. It is the Village’s goal to minimize the impact on local funding from the community and strive to secure funding from other sources when available.

Ways to Provide Input

Residents and other roadway users are invited to provide input in two ways:

  1. An online survey available here:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X2XDJFH
  2. A interactive map using Map Social, which allows users to pinpoint areas of concern and opportunity directly onto an online map. You can find the project map here:  https://map.social/Community.php?CommunityID=423
The survey and interactive map are open until July 12th, 2024.

Click here to visit the Lake Shore Boulevard / Grand Boulevard Project Study webpage.