Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing Starting July 18

As part of the maintenance of our wastewater collections system, the Village is contracting with Duke’s for sanitary sewer smoke testing in some areas during the week of July 18. Smoke testing allows crews to find breaks and other defects in the sewer system. All affected homes will be notified with a door hanger.  Generally, the affected areas are in the downtown, east and west of Main St south of Rt. 176, Hubbard Woods and Lake View Villa. See below for a list of streets.  

If your neighborhood is part of the test, you may see smoke coming from the vent stacks on buildings or from holes in the ground. Don’t be alarmed. The smoke has no odor, is non-toxic, non-staining, does not create a fire hazard, and will dissipate in a few minutes. The smoke is not harmful to humans or pets, but if someone will be home at the time of the test who may be alarmed by the smoke or has a respiratory condition, please call (888) 620-0010.

Prepare For The Test

Please pour (1) gallon of water into your basement floor drains and into any unused sinks at this time. This will seal the drain traps so that smoke will not enter your building through the drain. Also, if you won’t be home during the test, open bathroom/ laundry room windows and close the doors before you leave. Any smoke that enters the building will be contained and dissipate in a few minutes.

If Smoke Enters Your Home

If smoke does enter your building during the test, it probably means there are defects in the plumbing that could allow sewer gas to enter. Note the location of the smoke and call 888-620-0010. Open doors and windows to ventilate any smoke that enters the building.


  • Peace Blvd
  • Boren Ave
  • Victoria Circ
  • Naples Dr
  • Anthony Parkway
  • Barrington Rd
  • High Ct
  • Oaks Ave
  • Kent Ave
  • Main St
  • Wilson Ave
  • High St
  • Lotus St
  • Kimball Ave
  • Liberty St
  • Mill St
  • Church St
  • Bangs St
  • Ross St
  • Osage St
  • Maple Ave
  • Thomas Ct
  • Slocum Lake Rd
  • Minerva Ave
  • Helena Ave
  • Daniel St
  • George Ave
  • Lewis Ave
  • Orton Ave
  • Roosevelt Ave
  • Adams Ave
  • Bonner Rd
  • Barbara Ln
  • Sheridan Dr
  • Washington Ave
  • Northshore Dr
  • Madison Ave
  • Monroe St
  • Adams Ave
  • Jackson Ave
  • Van Buren Ave
  • Lincoln Ave
  • Pershing Dr
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