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Residential Dwelling Inspections

***Effective April 16th 2020 and per Village Declaration of Local Emergency dated March 25, 2020, we (the Village) are for the time being waiving the residential dwelling unit inspections (for sales only) required by Wauconda Municipal Code 150.25 Housing Inspections regarding transfer of ownership. In order to receive the letter of waiver the seller/owner must complete and file an application with the Community Development Department located in the one story brick building behind Village Hall at 109 W. Bangs Street (Application found below). The required $95 fee is hereby waived for sales only, upon submission of the application.

Wauconda Municipal Code 150.25 requires a Residential Dwelling Inspection prior to the sale of any residential dwelling, or change of residential rental occupancy. The seller/owner is responsible for compliance. The inspection process is completed through the Community Development Department located in the one story brick building behind Village Hall at 109 W. Bangs Street.

  • A $95 fee is required for each separate residential dwelling unit to be inspected (hereby waived for sales only, not rental). A credit card can only be used if paying on-line with the State of Illinois e-pay system. In-person payments are cash or check only. 
  • The inspection application is required and payment (for rental only) must be submitted to the Community Development Department before an inspection can be scheduled. 
  • Power and water must be turned on prior to inspection. Residential Dwelling Unit (sales or rental) cannot be winterized.
  • Owner must contact the Utility Billing Clerk at 847-526-9604 for a final water meter reading at least 48 hours prior to closing. All final water bills must be paid prior to, or at closing.
  • Please read the Informational Brochure posted below for program details. Contact the Permit Desk at 847-526-9609 if you have any additional questions regarding the inspection program.

Guidelines for Selling

  • To find out about any liens, fees and or violations attached to the property please contact Sherry Davies at Village Hall, 847-526-9600.
  • The home is required to have a final water meter reading within 48 hours prior to closing. The final water/sewer bill is paid at closing.
  • (Waived for sales) When the property passes inspection a Certificate of Compliance is issued and is required for closing.
  • (Waived for sales) If the property fails inspection and is being sold "as is", a Letter of Intent must be submitted by the buyer after viewing the failed inspection report. Upon receipt of the Letter of Intent an Authorization to Close is issued.

Guidelines for Rental

  • A new inspection is required every time there is a change in rental occupancy. A Certificate of Compliance must be issued prior to the new renter taking occupancy.
  • A final water billing date can be scheduled in anticipation of move-in/move-out, but contract documents must be submitted within 48 hours of the request.  The owner of the property is responsible for the submittal of these documents.
  • The property owner is responsible for any unpaid water/sewer bills at their rental property.
  • Requests for establishment of new water/sewer bill accounts, change of address, move-ins and/or move-outs must be accompanied by a copy of both the Certificate of Occupancy and copy of the lease agreement or a letter from the property owner outlining the lease agreement parties and details. 
  • Contact the Utility Billing Clerk for additional information on water/sewer billing at 847-526-9604.

Online Payment

If paying online, first contact the Permit Desk at 847-526-9609 to confirm that the property is incorporated in the Village of Wauconda. Unincorporated properties do not require a Village of Wauconda inspection. Incorporation can also be verified on the Lake County Maps online website.  NOTE: Online payments are not refundable.
  • You must complete and submit a Residential Dwelling Inspection Application in addition to your online payment. Completed applications can be emailed to: or faxed to: 847-526-8967.To expedite the process, email or fax a copy of your online receipt with the application.
  • Online payments are processed through the State of Illinois E-pay system. 
  • Pay Online Here
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