Street Improvement Project

5/30/2024 UPDATE
Open House Packet and Map
The Village of Wauconda is continuing its investment into Village infrastructure by improving the condition of additional streets in 2024. As part of our Village-wideWauconda 2024 SIP Project Resident Letter v3 042324 (002)_Page_3 - Copy evaluation of the condition of the streets, your street was chosen as a priority for this year’s program. Please refer to the project location map to better identify the limits of the street improvements listed below. All residents will have access to their driveway unless curb replacement is required. Please park all vehicles in your driveway during the project duration. If your driveway requires curb replacement, parking along the street where work is not being completed is permitted. Please use caution while driving through construction.

Project Limits: Farmhill Circle/Court, Indian Ridge Trail, Old Country Way, Brown Street, Pine Street & George Avenue

The work to be performed in this region involves milling and replacement of asphalt, utility adjustments, isolated curb replacement, driveway apron repair pending extent of curb replacement (as needed), isolated sidewalk replacement and landscape restoration (typical to 2’ of topsoil, seed, and blanket). No additional driveway improvements will be completed as part of this project. This project is a direct reinvestment of limited tax dollars therefore, only sections truly in need of replacement are included.

We ask for your assistance in locating any existing private utilities adjacent to your front and side yard sidewalks. These private utilities include sprinkler systems, private electrical lines, invisible fencing wire, etc. The contractor is responsible for calling JULIE to have public utilities located for the entire project including sanitary and water services, but marking private utilities is the responsibility of the homeowner. Marking private utility locations with paint or any type of flagging is acceptable. Private utilities within the public right-of-way that are damaged, regardless of marking, will not be repaired but locating them brings awareness to the contractor so they can try to avoid them.

The project is overseen by the Village’s engineering firm HMG Engineers, Inc. The Resident Project Representative for HMG Engineers, Inc. is Scott Reisinger (Phone: 847 668-3141). The Village thanks you for your patience during these crucial Village infrastructure projects. If you have any general questions, please contact Public Works at (847) 526-9610 and subscribe to the Village’s Everbridge Notifications at