Bangs Lake Status

Lake Level Information 

The Village manages the water level on Bangs Lake in order to reduce the likelihood of flooding, to minimize shoreline erosion, and to ensure adequate lake elevation to allow for weed harvesting. When the lake elevation reaches 10.0 inches above normal mean water elevation, Bangs Lake is considered restricted and is placed into a ‘No Wake’ status. At 12.0 inches above, the Village has the authority to close the lake to all activities. It is important to note, lake drainage cannot be expedited, only restricted. In the event of a drought or low water levels, control bars are used to regulate the outflow of water from Bangs Lake.

Lake Status information is announced and updated on all social media sites, the Village website and notifications through Everbridge, our emergency alert notifications system. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter @Wauconda60084, and Instagram at Village_of_Wauconda to keep informed of all things Wauconda!

Green Flag Bangs Lake Open No RestrictionsBangs Lake is OPEN with NO RESTRICTIONS.
Yellow Flag Bangs Lake is OPEN but NO WAKEBangs Lake is OPEN but in a NO WAKE status.
Red Flag Bangs Lake CLOSED to all trafficBangs Lake is CLOSED to traffic, motorized and non-motorized.