About Us

Wauconda is located in the southeastern part of Wauconda Township on the banks of a beautiful little lake which has from earliest times been known as Bangs Lake, named in honor of Justus and Mark Bangs, the 1st settlers of the place.
Town OrganizedThe Town of Wauconda was organized in the year of 1849, by a vote of the people of the County to divide said County into towns. There were 1,695 votes cast and all except 3 were in favor of the division.

Town NameHow it got the name Wauconda. The name Wauconda, which means “Spirit Water” was given to the Village, it is said, by a young man named LaFayette Mills, who at that time was a teacher in the “Little Red School.” Mr. Mills had read a story of Indian Life in the West and was greatly pleased with the part of the story which spoke of a small body of water called Wauconda, which in the Indian Tongue means Spirit Water. So he suggested the name to the people of the village and commissioners were appointed and favorably considered the suggested name.

Some of the oldest settlers maintained that the village was named for a young Indian Chief who was buried on the East shore of the Lake.

Wauconda TodayToday, Wauconda has a thriving business community with a unique mix of retailers, service providers, and industry. The Village’s elected officials and administrative staff take a proactive approach to economic development through teamwork and streamlined services.

Beautiful Bangs Lake continues to offer a variety of recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating. Historic buildings and tree-lined streets offer an escape from the bustle of everyday life.

Our FutureThe Comprehensive Land Use Plan (PDF) is a non-regulatory document which serves to provide a “vision” for future land use and serves to guide future land use decisions. The document provides for community goals and objectives related to land uses which generally include residential, retail/commercial business, industrial/employment and public/quasi-public land use including environmental elements.