Business Recognition Program

The Business Recognition Program was created for the purpose of giving formal recognition to those Wauconda businesses that have contributed to the economic well-being of the Village and have demonstrated a commitment to the vitality of Wauconda’s business climate. This recognition is characterized as symbolic in nature and carries with it no encumbrances or promises of special consideration in other business dealing with the Village of Wauconda, but should be regarded as a special honor of gratitude on the part of the Village and the citizens of Wauconda.

Nominations may be made by anyone for any business within the municipal boundaries of the Village of Wauconda. All nominations are to be submitted to the Community Development Department by filling out the provided nomination form. The Economic Development Committee (EDC) will make a recommendation to the Chairperson of the EDC on a semi-annual basis (April and October). The selected Businesses will receive an Economic Development Plaque of Recognition, and should not receive more than one such award in any three year period. 

Nomination & RecognitionCriteria for being selected to receive this economic development recognition includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Creation of new full-time and part-time jobs
  • Proven longevity and history of doing business in Wauconda
  • Significant business growth over the prior year
  • Introduction of a unique product or service innovation within their industry
  • Exceptional customer service as indicated by their customers
  • Proven contributions to the enhancement of the community and/or locally operating charities (examples include school mentoring programs, employee volunteerism, job/skills training programs, etc)
  • Significant renovation or improvements to existing structures
  • Construction of new permanent buildings highlighting quality office and retail space
  • Business demonstrating significant green business practices

Recognition Includes:

  • Acknowledgment in the Village E-News, Mayor’s Message, on the Village website and displayed on the Community Sign
  • Presentation of plaque at a Village Board meeting
  • Luncheon with business owner, key business staff, Mayor, Village Administrator, and Economic Development Committee Chairperson
  • Site tour of the winning business by the Village Mayor or appointee

Nomination Form