Mayor & Village Board

ABOUT THE VILLAGE BOARD & Village Board meetingsCROPPED Wauconda_2023-1344_pp - CopyThe President and Board of Trustees are the elected governing body of the Village. The Village President (more commonly referred to as the Mayor) chairs and runs the Village Board Meetings. We invite you to participate in the meeting and ask that you comply with some simple procedures we have established. 

The Village Board meets every first and third Tuesday of the month. Each meeting consists of approving a consent agenda that allows for action on items discussed in previous meetings. The Village Clerk is responsible for calling the roll for those agenda items that require a vote by the Village Board. Additionally, staff, Mayor and Trustee reports are given at this meeting.

AGENDAS & MINUTESAgendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
View Most Recent Agendas and Minutes

MEMBERS                  SODE Wauconda_2023-1160_pp - Copy

                RADCLIFFE Wauconda_2023-1336_pp - Copy    
                HOWE Wauconda_2023-1059_pp - Copy
                SHAW Wauconda_2023-1103_pp - Copy

               KUHN Wauconda_2023-1296_pp - Copy

               STRAUTS Wauconda_2023-1208_pp - Copy

               STEIN Wauconda_2023-1157_pp - Copy

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