Clarke Treatment - Bangs Lake

Clarke will be making the 1st herbicide & algaecide application on Bangs Lake this upcoming Wednesday, June 15th.  Please be sure to remove any temporary objects from the water including floats, kayaks, canoes, kids toys, etc. to allow their team easy accessibility to your shoreline to apply the treatment.  You may leave piers, boats and jet skis in the water; we can work around these. 

After the application is applied, there will be a 5 day irrigation restriction.  If any residents, living within 500’ of a treatment area, utilize an irrigation system to draw water out of the lake, they will need to avoid using the pump until Monday, June 20th to avoid damage to lawns and other vegetation you are watering.  Please be sure to share this information with your neighbors. In accordance with the safety label, there are no other restrictions following the application.  You can utilize the lake for all your regular activities including boating, fishing and swimming  immediately following the application.

- Clarke